Auto Clicker Auto Fill 3.3.0

@Dharmesh-Hemaram October 21, 2021

New Features


Now its possible to update or remove attribute from element using Auto Clicker AutoFill

  • Attr::set::prop::value syntax to update attribute e.g. Attr::set::target::_blank -> to update links to open in new tab
  • Attr::remove::prop syntax to remove attribute e.g. Attr::remove::disabled -> to remove disabled attribute from button and make it enable


Now its possible to update / remove / replace / clear class from element using Auto Clicker AutoFill

  • Class::add::className syntax to add attribute
  • Class::remove::className syntax to remove attribute
  • Class::replace::className::className syntax to replace attribute
  • Class::clear syntax to clear attribute

Discord Notification

Now get notification on your mobile for any Error/Completion of configuration on your system right from Auto Clicker AutoFill extension. In order to receive notification on mobile you need to install discord mobile app first. Create new account if you haven’t created yet. join our server Auto Clicker AutoFill. now open configuration page and login with same discord account. open settings and enable Discord Notifications. Its currently in DEV and under testing phase so you may face some issue also we may move this feature in some other location(Action specific notification) based on your feedback.

Important for Discord Notification

Below are steps how discord notifications work

  • Auto Clicker AutoFill BOT is installed on secure google cloud which send message to you on Discord
  • An Trigger is sent from extension installed on your system to service (Auto Clicker AutoFill BOT) when some event is occurred (Error/Completion completed).
    • Name of configuration (for Error/Completion)
    • URL of configuration (for Error/Completion)
    • Element Finder of Action (for Error only)
  • Above three information is send from your extension to google cloud server which BOT process and send you Direct Message to your Discord Account

We are not storing any of above three information anywhere in our database not using same in any way. It’s processed on the fly with BOT and send to you without even logging same.