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We have updated our extension to manifest versions 3 and deployed on DEV environment.

Chrome is going to stop support for mv2 as per there timeline

I request you all to import your configuration in dev version once and try out if it works seamlessly. As the same version is going to be deployed on beta and stable version soon. if you find any issues with MV3 versions, do create a issue on Github and also add a tag of MV3.

Below are places where we have made changes which are related to MV3. If you find if you have used any of this, you need to test your configuration for same, we have created a separate thread for MV3 on our Discord channel as well. You can ping here directly also



with MV2 version we were storing all configuration on localStorage . With MV3 they deprecated localStorage and provided similar option which is Because of this change we all must export our configuration from MV2 and import back in extension with MV3 version.

Even though MV3 do not support local storage it do not remove any data from local storage, its stored safe you can follow below steps to recover your configuration in case if you have not saved previously.


  • go to chrome://extension
  • enable developer mode from top right navbar
  • Click on service worker link within extension card
  • Devtools window opens
  • navigate to Application tab
  • left side sidebar you can navigate Storage -> Local Storage (expand)
  • Click on chrome-extension://<extension-id>
  • You will see
    • configs
    • settings
  • double click value field of both and copy its content and paste it in plain text file
  • save it as [file name] with .json extension
  • you can import this configuration file back into MV3 extension under Bulk import Configuration

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Auto Clicker Auto Fill 3.4.7

New Features

  • Fixed Date check issue for 24 hours (mid night)
  • Fixed Copy only filter text issue
  • Added function call in console
  • Fixed retry infinite scenario for Addon

addon date condition element finder replace
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Auto Clicker Auto Fill 3.4.6

New Features

  • Fixed Date check issue for 24 hours (mid night)
  • Fixed Copy only filter text issue
  • Added function call in console
  • Fixed retry infinite scenario for Addon

addon date condition element finder batch repeat url
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Auto Clicker Auto Fill 3.4.4

New Features

  • Duplicate new feature added into Auto Clicker AutoFill extension to duplicate existing configuration and alter part of it. It’s similar to copying and pasting. You must change the URL of the configuration once you duplicate it so that it does not get conflict with the existing configuration. As whenever our page loads and extension gets loaded in it. it picks the URL of the page and tries to find a matching configuration for it. If you have configured more than one configuration for a single URL. Extension chooses the first matching URL and leaves the other configurations
  • Addon Element Finder supports <batchRepeat> into it. It can now check conditions row by row using the batch process.
  • Addon Element Finder also supports a new feature which is comparing against data and time of the system. Conditions can be added for the action to be executed when the system date matches, exceeds or falls below the system date. Along with the system date, you can compare with the month, weekday, time, hours, minutes, and seconds.

duplicate addon date condition element finder batch repeat url
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Auto Clicker Auto Fill 3.4.3

New Features

  • Recording - now its even easier to configure action using our record option. Simple start the recording and perform all the operation like filling form and clicking any button, selecting dropdown value, or checking radio or checkbox all will be recorded and when the stop recording it will save directly into extension configuration.
  • Copy - now you can copy some text from webpage and paste it into field you require. Copy is combined with regex which means while copying you can perform filter operation to exclude or include specific part of text from webpage.
  • Paste - it’s simple it paste back content which is last copied from webpage. paste do not work with clipboard it has access to only content which is copied from the webpage through extension only.
  • Random Value - This is some unique feature which we recently introduced in our extension with this you can generate random value of any type and of any length. It can also help you to generate partial random text for example below. random text can be combination of numbers words and symbol or anything user defined.

Auto Save

Auto save is back with validation within fields. Now you no need to click save just keep on type and configuration will auto save for you.

Behind the screen when you type and move out of field by clicking tab or clicking on any other field or simply clicking any where in page and move out of field first field is getting validated like entered value is correct or not. If value is fine save is triggered which saved value to storage. If you change something in field and directly go and refresh page you may sometimes not see the required action.

Do create issue on our github repo to let us know if you facing any issue with this auto save.

recording copy paste random value auto save
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Auto Clicker Auto Fill 3.3.0

New Features


Now its possible to update or remove attribute from element using Auto Clicker AutoFill

  • Attr::set::prop::value syntax to update attribute e.g. Attr::set::target::_blank -> to update links to open in new tab
  • Attr::remove::prop syntax to remove attribute e.g. Attr::remove::disabled -> to remove disabled attribute from button and make it enable


Now its possible to update / remove / replace / clear class from element using Auto Clicker AutoFill

  • Class::add::className syntax to add attribute
  • Class::remove::className syntax to remove attribute
  • Class::replace::className::className syntax to replace attribute
  • Class::clear syntax to clear attribute

Discord Notification

Now get notification on your mobile for any Error/Completion of configuration on your system right from Auto Clicker AutoFill extension. In order to receive notification on mobile you need to install discord mobile app first. Create new account if you haven’t created yet. join our server Auto Clicker AutoFill. now open configuration page and login with same discord account. open settings and enable Discord Notifications. Its currently in DEV and under testing phase so you may face some issue also we may move this feature in some other location(Action specific notification) based on your feedback.

Important for Discord Notification

Below are steps how discord notifications work

  • Auto Clicker AutoFill BOT is installed on secure google cloud which send message to you on Discord
  • An Trigger is sent from extension installed on your system to service (Auto Clicker AutoFill BOT) when some event is occurred (Error/Completion completed).
    • Name of configuration (for Error/Completion)
    • URL of configuration (for Error/Completion)
    • Element Finder of Action (for Error only)
  • Above three information is send from your extension to google cloud server which BOT process and send you Direct Message to your Discord Account

We are not storing any of above three information anywhere in our database not using same in any way. It’s processed on the fly with BOT and send to you without even logging same.

attribute class auto fill value notification discord url name element finder
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Auto Clicker Auto Fill 3.2.4


  • Fixed action not executing if addon xpath is not found

New Features

iframe first addon xpath dark mode
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Auto Clicker Auto Fill 3.2.0

New Features

query param
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Auto Clicker Auto Fill 3.1.13

New Features

select option
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Auto Clicker Auto Fill 3.1.9

Github Issues

  • URL matching issue #140
  • Possibility to sort/re-order Configuration Names #143
  • Enabled and Disabled Configuration mix-up prevention #144
  • display enable status for configs on dropdown lsit #146
  • Random time with part of second possibility #148

New Features

url reorder configurations enable status random data entry manual start
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Auto Clicker Auto Fill 3.1.5

Github Issues

New Features

icon counter status log
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Auto Clicker Auto Fill 3.1.4

Github Issues

mouse events action xpath
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Auto Clicker Auto Fill 3.1.3

Bug Fix

  • ClickEvent::click not working
  • Element Finder with xpath type not working

New site

edge chrome click events mouse events element finder xpath
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Auto Clicker Auto Fill 3.1.0

New Features

  • Edge browser ready DEV :)
  • Start Time now have milliseconds as well hh:mm:ss:ms
  • Notification for Action, Batch, Config completion with Sound
  • Now you have 7 different ways to select and Element , XPath -> Element Finder
  • Location Command to navigate to another page.
  • Addon condition now have Value Extractor
  • Addon condition have Retry and Retry Interval

edge start time notification xpath location command addon value extractor retry retry interval
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Auto Clicker Auto Fill 3.0.0

  • New Features
    • No more subscription charges ;)

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Auto Clicker Auto Fill 2.0.60

  • New Features
    • Scroll To Button/Link
    • Scroll To top | bottom | left | right
    • Click Events click | doubleClick
    • Form Events blur | focus | select | clear | remove | submit
    • Exec Command cut | copy | delete | paste | selectAll
    • Counter Increment [$]
      • With help of counter increment you can loop through post and click like / comment similar like facebook or twitter

scroll to click events mouse events form events counter
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Auto Clicker Auto Fill 2.0.57

  • New Features
    • Action Sorting
    • Double Click Event
    • Action level Import and export feature
    • Hide / Show Column under Action table
    • Name each Action/Row
    • Inbox me for new features you like to be added.

action click event columns filter name
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Auto Clicker Auto Fill 2.0.56

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Auto Clicker Auto Fill 2.0.55

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